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If you are searching to study in Australia, then you can explore your dream through Seabird. We have professionals which give you finest guidance and support for continuing quality education in Australia. We give precious information for studying abroad in Australia and this includes course, costs, tuition fees, scholarships, visa information etc. Our study abroad programs give chances to continue studies, part time and full time.

Australia is a significant destination for students who want overseas credentials. The economy of Australia has undergone a big rise in the past and new sectors have opened up. The government of Australia has great enthusiasm in making Australia into a great educational destination. The active cities in Australia are in the coastlines and every city has a great thing to offer.

The education system in Australia lays stress on students working on internships to get real life experiences. The universities in Australia can offer intensive programs with students. The universities in Australia accept India students with 12+3 education for their masters programme.

Australia is a desired destination for education among overseas students to study abroad. There are over 500,000 students who opt to study in Australia. The education in Australia is recognized and valued all around the world.The educational institutions public and private are inspected by Ministry of education.  Education providers can have compliance with national standards and focus on practical education. This compels employers from around the world to hire graduates from universities in Australia.

The education providers can have compliance with national standards and focus on practical  education. This makes employers find graduates from different universities in Australia. One more benefit of studying in Australia is that overseas students can work during free time and meet their costs.Australia is a young, vibrant and a friendly nation and facilitates  high quality education and a great lifestyle. In case you; are searching for a great blend of academics and a life with infinite chances for career, Australia is the best place to be in.


Australia has world recognized qualifications and it a nice place to study  and work. There are nice scholarships in Australia. Australia has a great economy. It has the best living standards of living in the world and reasonable education.Australia is friendly and has cooperative people. It has an awesome weather which suits the Indian students.  Australia has immense opportunities for  work while studying. Australia has great opportunities to explore jobs. It  has wide options for married students to take their spouses with fulltime work rights.


How To Apply Student Visa in Australia

To study in Australia is a nice means to experience the exceptional lifestyle of Australia and gain new skills. Australia has practical vocational colleges, best English language schools to support the overseas students. In case you wish to stay in Australia for extended time duration, a student visa to Australia is the finest starting point.


Seabird is a special agency in Australian education. We have relationships with more than 200 colleges, language schools and universities in Australia. We give advice on where to study on the basis of your requirements and objectives.  We will give you guidance through the process of getting a student visa to Australia. The student visa has got immense benefits and is the best solution to live in Australia.


It enables you to study and work in Australia through the entire duration of the course. The student visa is the best alternative to extend your stay in Australia after a working holiday visa. It provides you the chance of applying for a short term or a long term visa.There are some students who can study for six months and others can study for three years on the student visa for Australia. You may apply for a student visa to Australia at any age.You can get a diploma, bachelor degree or a Master’s degree recognized by education framework in Australia. A qualification in Australia is recognized globally and has the best standards of education in the world. This certificate is important and will allow you to apply for a work visa.

Your student visa has to be valid for a period of six months in case you enroll for a six months. The program you opt for has to be between 12 and 52 weeks to get eligible for a student visa. One can renew the student visa many times if you are enrolled in a course approved by CRICOS . Applicants need to give ample proof to support that their intentions in Australia are temporary for study purposes. The applicant has to exhibit that they can study in Australia.You will require a statement to prove that you are in compliance with the measure of student visa progamme in Australia. There are some students who have to give a certificate of an English test as part of the student visa application. This will rely on the course you want to study.

The government in Australia will set a least language score for every educational level like diploma or bachelor level. Your education provider will have a varied language skill level based on the course you have opted for. Some students have to facilitate a certificate of an English language test as part of the student visa application. This will rely on the course you want to study.The government in Australia sets a minimum language score for each educational level like diploma or bachelor. Your education provider should have a varied language skill on the basis of the course you have opted for.

How to go Australia for Study !

Australia is the most diverse and awesome nation on the earth. It has got an exceptional flora and amazing coastlines. It is a popular landmark in the world.  It attracts more than five million visitors each year. Its universities are placed high in the world rankings are have a wonderful reputation for research.

In case you plan study in Australia, there are more than 500,000 overseas students from around the world. We require advice for your study path. We have made a complete checklist to assist you to recognize the milestones and plan for your studies in Australia. We will show you the path how to go to Australia for study purposes.

You can begin researching programs and universities in Australia. You can check with your university and your destination. It is not easy to compare the rewards and one can gain from studying abroad. The experience can alter your viewpoint from local to worldwide. The Australia study visa experts will make it possible for you to get a visa to Australia.

The biggest hindrance that is caused to the student is to take a decision not to study abroad. The global students who decide to study abroad and use the services of an education agent are very much surprised about how simple it is to organize and how reasonable it can be.

The global students can decide to study abroad and use the services of an education agent are surprised that it is easy to organize and it is very reasonable. This information is very useful and it will give some nice tips for global students to study abroad. It is suggested that the students see an education agent to make sure they get up to date advice suited to their requirements. Now you can apply study visa for Australia.

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How to go Australia for Study

If you wish to study in Australia, you have to get a student visa to Australia. You need to prove to the Department of home affairs when you meet the student requirements in Australia.The visa applicant has to exhibit a real intention to stay in Australia for study purposes. You will be asked to attend an interview at the Australian embassy or consulate. The applicants need to fill a visa application form.

All the overseas students need to apply for the same visa or the subclass 500 which you need to apply online. You need to get a confirmation of enrolment or offer letter prior to applying for a visa. The CoE will be in form of an online code which you have to enter in the online visa application.

When you complete your online visa application, you have to give proof of your financial requirements, English proficiency requirements, health requirements, character requirements etc.You need to show proof of funds which cover, travel, tuition and living expenses. In case you are not from an English speaking nation, you need to prove that you speak English to the required level.

The score you require will rely on if you wish to start a full degree or do a foundation course. You need to have a criminal record check to ensure you do not have a criminal record. You have to get a police clearance certificate or get a police statement.Many visa applications take at least 4 weeks to process. You can get into Australia on your student visa up to 90 days prior to the start of the course.  You need to inform the education provider of your resident address and inform them in 7 days.

You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the term time and full time in the holidays. The visa is issue with permission to work. You need to bear in mind that any work needed as part of the course is not there in the limit. You have to fulfill the obligations for a student visa.