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One needs a student visa to visit overseas to a nation of your liking to pursue further studies. There are many student visa consultants in Chandigarh. It is a vital decision to apply for a student visa with the help of a renowned consultant who has a great deal of experience and a nice success rate for the visa. The student visa consultants in Chandigarh can assist you accomplish your dreams of studying overseas.
The well experienced staff at Seabird can assist you in each and every step of getting a student visa for your dream nation. Seabird gives you counselling and complete guidance. They take care of the whole process and make you take the correct decision of getting an offer letter and prepare yourself for the interview in order to get a study visa.

A reputed student visa consultant in Mohali will give you top class counselling for study visa and permanent residence all over the world. We have our hold in the immigration arena and provide a transparent service to our clients. We are recognized as the best study visa consultants and we have the best and we offer transparent services to our clients.We thank our clients for placing confidence and trust in us for giving us guidance and helping them in their life changing decision. We take an opportunity to appreciate all the stakeholders for their cooperation which assisted us to get importance in the industry.

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The study visa experts are a team of well qualified advisers who provide complete knowledge of the processing system. We have a belief in ethics and this has earned a worldwide reputation in the immigration profession. It has made us to be one of the renowned companies in the industry. Our immigration consultants adopt a highly expert approach which makes sure there is a problem free service.We assist our clients with each phase of the process by providing best guidance and counselling. We give the finest solutions to the aspirants and make sure there is complete transparency by not hiding any relevant information from the client. We assist the students to make their future and they need to choose the appropriate universities with the correct academic programs so as to have a great future.

Seabird is a reputed educational company in Mohali and Punjab region. It is a reliable name in the educational business for its help to the aspiring students for study overseas program. It is a reputed overseas education promoting institution. It has honed many students to accomplish their objectives of developing their career.We give the aspiring students complete information to assist them to prevent any misunderstandings. This assists in getting a nice response from all levels of students. Seabird has all the modern amenities and has a great reputation among the students. Seabird has a great, educated team of counselors. We provide the best career counselling services after the course completion. Seabird is run by a highly experienced staff of professionals.

Seabird has helped many students accomplish their objectives to develop their career. We have been in business for many years. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will shape up your future career.

Australia Study Visa Experts

To be a student opens a broad range of chances for you to do the exploration of the education aspects in various nations of the world for you to explore. You need to opt for the nation you wish to go to or the university you wish to be in and the course you wish to continue.Several nations to study are UK, US, Australia, Canada etc. The entire process is for a longer duration and it will make you take fast decisions. The time duration taken for the visa application and making travel arrangements cannot be altered. You have to prepare the documents and be guided through this process. You may get tips from our team of professional advisers.

There is guidance on procuring the document as it varies from one nation to other. You require the approval from a university according to the requirements of the nation. You are required to have ample funds according to the requirement. You need to have a valid reason for pursuing further studies to a particular nation.

Australia has world class education

Australia is a nice place to live and you can get the best world class education there. The education institutions Australia has designers, scientists, educators, artists etc who have altered the world and won awards from Oscars to Nobel prizes.You will get a qualification which is recognized all over the world. The Australian Qualifications Framework enables students to move through the education system all over the world to recognize the qualification.By opting to study in Australia, you will be joining many students from Australia and around the world. You will work in close association with the instructor, classmates and other faculty. You can get practical training in the industry in which you are studying. The focus on the industry will give you a leading edge for your further studies and career.

Australia Study visa Experts


Student visas are temporary visas which enable he students to study at an educational institution for certain time duration. The student visa application process differs for each nation. To apply for a student visa Australia you need to have a confirmed offer from a registered college or university.

There is proof of funds to support your living costs. The student visas are given for applicants who want to study overseas. The evaluation is on the basis of the documents submitted and also the visa interviews. Visa is facilitated for the course duration. When you have got an offer from the University and have decided how to fund your studies overseas, you may apply for the study abroad Australia visa from the consulate.The first and foremost aspect is to get a visa prior to the commencement of the program. There are less chances of rejection of the visa. Our education experts Australia are the best and give expert help through this complex process of documentation of the visa and interview.

Easiest Way to Get Visa for Australia

There are various programmes of study which you may apply for a subclass 500 student visa.  An application for a student visa to Australia can be made after you get Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE from your selected university.

To apply for a student visa Australia, there is no age limit. The visa application fee is AU$575. That has to be paid on application submission. Your student visa will be there for the entire duration of your study programme. It will give you time to be in Australia at the course end. This time may vary from one to three months and this depends on the course length.

The visa processing times differ and you have to allow up to 4 weeks. You may arrive in Australia on your student visa for 90 days prior to the start of your course. You may work for 40 hours a fortnight during full time in the holidays.You need to be enrolled in a course which is registered on CRICOS. The cost of Australian study visa depends on the subclass visa 500 applicable out of Australia. One should take assistance from a professional who can take care of the application and important documents.

At Seabird International, we can assist you to get help from study visa Australia by dealing with the problems in a successful manner. We have immense experience to deal with the Australia Student Visa or subclass 500. We can assist you with the student visa cost and Australia student visa process.At Seabird, we can get your student visa Australia to satisfy your dreams. We can assist you to plan your career by opting for the University of your liking. The student visa is in great demand due to rising popularity as Australia is the finest destination for the students.

We can assist you get all the important financial resources and keep the documents safe during the visa application process. Seabird can be your trustworthy consultant and handle the process of immigration to Australia for you anytime. We provide you with immigration to Australia by providing different types of Australia visa services.We have intense expertise in this field. We have many years of experience in immigration to Australia. We take immense pride in making the clients contented. At Seabird International, we have the knowledge and passion to meet your immigration requirements. At Seabird, we can assist you with your application for student visa Australia or sub class 500. The skilled migration visa process includes two to three steps and this depends on the chosen subclass. The processing time for Australia skilled migration visa application differs and depends on many variables such as visa subclass, nation of passport etc.

Australia welcomes students around the world by granting student visa to Australia to get into the nation and join the universities and educational institutions for world class education. The grant period of Australian student visa or subclass 500 relies on the course duration which is for five years.

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Study Overseas in Australia

A visa is an entry clearance and this provides permission to an entity to get into a non-native nation. The students need a student visa to get into an overseas country to stay for the study purposes. There is a high visa success rate of worldwide opportunities to assist many students in India to get into the different universities around the world each year.

Every country has a varied set of criteria to make sure that the student benefits the country. There are many documents which are there in the process. We have well experienced visa counselors who have several years of experience around the world and get the visa instantly.

Finest study visa consultants in Chandigarh

People in Chandigarh have the finest study visa consultants and they are serious regarding their career. They are very much concerned regarding their professional and personal lives which are rich in thoughts. The same thing is applicable to their education too.The role of the student visa consultants is immense to assist you in this process. We serve as a best link between the universities or colleges. We have a highly professional staff who can make a great commitment. We have a nice infrastructure with immense experience in the study visa industry and this assists in accomplishing their goals.

We do the analysis of the student’s interests and qualifications and we assist them in choosing their prosperous career in getting admissions in the world top notch universities or finest educational destinations such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.We are aware of the value of student’s time and finance involved when applying for a study visa. Our experts have ample knowledge of all kinds of visa matters and we give one stop visa services which include passing IELTS with a nice band and study visa.

The company facilitates different service to the students. We represent more than 200 accredited colleges and educational institutions all over the world. We have trained counselors to give advice to the students on careers in demand. We have a different team of visa providers.We help the students in arrangement of on-campus, off-campus accommodation. We also arrange airport pickups for the students in the colleges or universities. We have got networked operations for a fast turnaround time. We have a well trained staff in student visa and immigration matters.We give instant response to the requirements of the clients. We have very caring and friendly workers. We have immense experience and expertise. We have got a great rate of success in the study visa field. A study visa is for students who wish to pursue their degree in the overseas universities.

Our consultancy will recommend you the finest universities where you may take admission and pursue your degree. We will provide you a check list of documents needed when applying for the study visa. To be a student opens up a broad range of scopes for you to explore the educational prospects in various nations of the world to explore.You may get advice from our team of professional advisers. One may get some guidance on the visa application process. Our team will give you guidance to being highly successful. You will require to have the offer from a university according to the nation’s requirements. You will require ample proof of funds according to the requirement.

We have immense experience to place many students in different institutions overseas. We know the challenges faced by the aspiring students to study globally. You need to keep in mind the requirements of the student’s visa.

Awesome Educational institutions in Australia which are renowned

A university in Australia will give you complete knowledge of your selected field

 along with academic skills applicable to other areas. You cannot learn regarding health, science, engineering or arts. You may think how to learn in a creative and an independent manner.

Higher educational universities and institutions in Australia

The higher education institutions and universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to Bachelor degrees and higher qualifications in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia facilitate programs from architecture to Zoology. The Bachelor Degree is an important qualification facilitated in Australia. There is expert research training and professional development offered through Master Degrees and doctoral degrees.

The graduate certificate and graduate diplomas are readily available. Diplomas are less common. The university entrance is based on state by state end of school evaluation system. There is the national government which facilitates funding for universities in all the states. They have set up their courses. A professional body has to endorse a course for it to run.

There are requirements for admission to all the programs set by individual universities. The admission to undergraduate programs is on the basis of completion of 13 years of school education through some institutions. The admission to postgraduate programs is on the basis of the achievement level in past higher education studies.

Admission to doctoral programs

The admission to doctoral programs is based on the achievement level in research Masters degree. The universities in Australia are autonomous bodies responsible for management of quality through the accreditation processes and practice codes. The universities are subject to a broad range of government legislations.

The higher education providers in Australia are needed by legislation to be in compliance with the threshold standards.

The global students have a percentage of the student body in several Australian in Australia. A university in Australia provides courses at an offshore campus. The university needs to have set standards to those provided in Australia.

Our courses are taught by trainers who have immense industry experience to give best standards of training and education and reduce the expenses for the students. We bring about new courses and learning opportunities to give our students several pathways for learning and career development.

Australia is the finest study overseas nation. It is diverse and multicultural. The students have immense experience in studying in the finest universities of the world. Australia has the greatest percentage of students ranked top in the world. Australia has got best quality and affordable education which is suitable for any person. The universities in Australia are among top 100 world ranking universities. Australia has got fifteen universities ranked in top 100.

Australia provides its students best quality education with competitive tuition fees. The Bachelor degrees can be complete in three years. The tuition fee for the best courses is lower in comparison to the ones provided in other nations. Australia is a vibrant and a diverse nation. Australia has attracted many students from Asia, Europe and North America. People have the right to practice their faith and Australia welcomes a great deal of cultural diversity which the overseas students bring.

Australia has a great tradition of world class development and research which has given benefit to many people all over the world. A student gets qualifications which are in demand all over the world. This enables you to move with utmost ease from one level of study to the next and one institution to another to meet the visa requirements. The latest changes in the policies of the government in Australia have made it feasible for the overseas students to get post study work visa in Australia.

Work and Study in Australia @SeabirdInternational

Our specialty

We have worked and lived in every continent in the world. We provide strategic planning and compliance. There are work and temporary visa applications. We provide streamlined support from home nation to the destination. Australia is a famous destination of migrants from around the world due to its friendly policies and a wide range of opportunities with respect to career growth, life quality, healthcare and education.
We have many visa options for Australia for skilled migrants. There is acute visa shortage in different sectors. Australia has the best economic opportunities for the immigrants. There is low cost of living in Australia. Australia has a great educational system. Australia has the best world class educational system.
Reasons why people want to immigrate Australia
There are several reasons why people wish to migrate to Australia for getting a good future for the families. Australia provides best scope for work and studies. It is simpler for you to know if you enjoy the beaches, green fields and mountains.
The nominated visa subclass 190 is a permanent residency visa for skilled workers whose professions are in great demand. The skilled immigration program in Australia is a permanent visa which comes under the point based system. Applicants need to exhibit that they have got a qualification and also the skills on the skilled occupation list. Seabird has student visa consultants who focus on the satisfaction of the clients and keep in mind the quality and aspects of a client. We are registered agents who do the analysis of the client’s profile.
Study in best colleges around the world
We pursue the studies in the best colleges all over the world. Seabird offers finest facilities and consultation when it is about student visa and Australian universities. We provide the finest consultation and facilities when it is about the student visa and Australian universities. The chances as a student in Australia are awesome. We assist you with enrolment, visa and guardian visa if required. The decisions for giving of a visa will be with the government of Australia.

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The international education in Australia has been made simpler now. There are many courses which enable you to study in Australia as a student. At Seabird, we facilitate the finest courses for Australian higher education. The study visa to Australia has been made easier nowadays with the help of the best visa counselors and study visa consultants.
Visa process made easierOur study counselors make the visa process simpler for you. We help in arranging the visa for you with utmost ease. The visa filing process is a complex aspect and we make this process easier for you by giving you expert advice about visa processing and filing. The visa counseling officers assist you in getting the visa for Australia.
The international education in Australia is full of fun and very challenging. One can enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches. The Australians have a laid back lifestyle and are carefree people. In case you want to welcome new overseas students to your school in Australia, we can make it occur fast with our overseas educational consultancy. 

We can do the custom designing the best solution to meet your college’s overseas education goals. This may include developing and starting your college’s overseas program. Overseas education can be a highly rewarding experience for all. We give you immense exposure to new college in Australia and globally. You can have nice chances for your students and staff.

Cost effective option for colleges

We facilitate a cost effective option for colleges which welcome new overseas students. We can consult on an ongoing basis to develop your overseas department from the ground up. To make sure that the students relate to academic resources, there is Australian style of language and culture.

The Best Overseas consultants For Australia

Seabird  is a successful overseas student recruitment firm in the world nowadays. We have assisted several students each year to pursue higher education overseas. We are motivated by our values, ethics, etc. We have assisted many students each year to pursue higher education overseas. We are motivated by our values, expertise, ethics etc. We have a reliable name in the field in the overseas education field.

Wide Range of Courses
We facilitate the students with a wide range of courses at different leading educational institutions in Australia and USA. We have immense experience, world class infrastructure and state of the art technology. We are dedicated to customer centric philosophy. Our main objective is to help the clients accomplish their objectives by facilitating them with world class customer service. We are highly driven by core value, ethics, expertise and leadership. Australia is the most in demand study overseas destination among the overseas students. The nation attracts many students each many students each year due to the best educational system. It has laid back nature,

Finest Standards of Teaching in Australia
The country’s best standard of teachings, advanced facilities, student’s exposure and great lifestyle is a nice option for overseas students to study in Australia. Students can get a job due to great reputation of the education system in Australia around the world. There are more than 22000 best quality courses and 1100 institutions and Australia is a nice option for the students. The degrees from Australian universities are recognized around the world. More than 2.5 million students from around the world have studied in Australia. Australia gives post study work visa to overseas students after they have finished their Masters, Bachelors or doctoral degrees.
Applicants are given a visa for 2 years to 4 years and this depends on the highest educational qualification they have got. We are dedicated to customer centric philosophy. Our main objective is to assist the clients accomplish their objectives by facilitating them world class customer service that is trustworthy.
Trustworthy educational consultancy.Seabird is a reliable education consultancy. We have professional study consultants who deliver the services for several years for the good of the students who want to study overseas in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. We have a professional team who has a career plan for each students about the opportunities and career trends that can be rewarding for the future. We have highly proficient overseas consultants in Mohali who give guidance to the students in the finest possible way. The team guides you through the visa application procedure by giving precise information.

Seabird is a pioneer in global education with worldwide tie ups and national presence. We assist in bringing global educational requirements. We assist to bring global education within your reach through our extensive experience. You may opt from the wide choice of universities that are around the world suitable for your academic objectives. When you get admission in your desired course overseas and is the final step in visa processing. Value added services We have a wide range of value added services which include help in financial aid, educational loan, etc. We help you in getting to your desired study overseas destination and ensure that you are at ease. The qualifications and institutions in Australia are recognized all over the world.
Australia is a nation of dynamic multiculturalism with contributions of migrants from around the world. Australia is rich in art and culture. The transportation options in Australia are wide. Australia has an extensive public transportation system which includes buses, trains, two main national airlines and also regional airlines. Australian education system is of the greatest standards and the most renowned in the world.

Student Visa to Australia Made Easy

To study in Australia is a nice means to experience the exceptional Australian lifestyle and get new skills.Australia has world class universities, practical vocational colleges and best English language schools to support overseas students.

In case you want to stay in Australia for an extended time period, a student visa to Australia is the finest starting point. Seabird is a special agency in education in Australia. We have good relationships with more than 200 colleges, language schools and universities in Australia. We give you personal advice about where to study on the basis of your objectives and requirements.

Seabird gives you support irrespective of the study program you are interested in. We will give you guidance through the complex process of getting a student visa to Australia. It enables you to study and work in Australia through the entire duration of your course.You may work for 40 hours per fortnight during your studies and full time during school breaks. The student visa is the best alternative to your stay in Australia after a working holiday visa or a work holiday visa. There are some students who can study for six months and others can study for three years or more on their student visa to Australia.

A qualification to Australia is globally recognized and has the best standards of education all over the world. The certificate can be an important aspect which will allow you to apply for a work visa. The duration of the student visa depends on the program you opt for.Your student visa will be valid for six months in case you enroll for a six month course. Your student visa will be valid for three years in case you enroll for a three year program. The program you opt for has to be between 12 and 52 weeks to get eligibility for a student visa.

Some students have to facilitate up to date certificate of an English language test as part of the student visa application and this will rely on the course you wish to study. You have to undergo a medical exam  as a student visa applicant. This will depend on many aspects like the kind of visa you apply for, your duration of stay in Australia etc. The one who wishes to enter in Australia will be evaluated against this character requirement.You need to give police certificates for every nation you have lived for 12 months or more. To be given a student visa, you need to complete a visa application form and lodge it with the proof required.

In order to be given a student visa, you need to meet the visa requirements and meet the visa conditions for attendance and academic performance which come into effect after you get entry to Australia. Your temporary visa will list the conditions which apply to you. It is pivotal to meet the visa conditions in order to avoid visa cancellation. You have to meet course requirements and have a valid enrolment for your course. You should not work till you have special permission.An electronic confirmation of enrolment is issued by your education provider in Australia and is the most accepted proof of enrolment for processing student visa applications.

The submission of documentation is a vital aspect of the student visa application process.You need to accept a full time course at an Australian university and you can submit an original confirmation of enrolment from the education provider in Australia.You have to meet the course and attendance requirements provided by your course provider. Any person enrolling as an overseas student will require a student visa.

Study and Work in Australia

To work while you study in Australia can assist you in studying and living experience. There are many reasons you might wish to undertake part time work when studying in Australia and this includes helping with living costs and getting the work experience in your study area.The student visas enable you to work for at least 40 hours every two weeks when the course is in session and unlimited hours during any scheduled course break prior to taking any paid work.

Australia has a broad range of industries and has part time employment opportunities which include retail, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, sales and telemarketing. There are many means to find work which is suitable for you and these include newspapers and online job sites.

Some institutions have job notice boards on campus and online. Overseas students get permission to work with their visa grant. Student visa holders pay AUD$535 for the visa and work permit. This enables them to work for forty hours per fortnight when the course is in session and infinite hours during semester breaks. Students who finish masters by research and doctoral degrees have infinite work rights.There are some benefits of working in Australia like course related work is a benefit in the graduate labor market. There is casual and part time work which gives a useful income for the students.

To work in Australia gives you a chance to practice your English language skills and get to meet new people and develop more contacts. You have to ensure you get paid at or above the least rate of pay and get subject to the working conditions set for your area of employment.You can study and work at the same time as an overseas student in Australia.Your student visa will enable you to work for 40 hours in two week period and full time during the holidays. You can earn an income to get work experience in Australia.

The students on a work visa can work up to 40 hours per week and full time during school holidays. The students can attend college for twenty hours per week and take paid employment for forty hours per fortnight.

Students are needed to undertake paid employment between 25 to 45 hours each week and are not needed to attend the college. Students are evaluated on the job by the trainers.Overseas students can get the workplace rights as Australian workers and get the same pay and conditions as their counterparts in Australia.34.jpg

Study Overseas in Australia

Study overseas deals with a broad range of universities in Australia, colleges and institutes. We facilitate service from the choice of the course till the visa process in our office. You will get a chance to meet the university officials who give you the best options of courses at our local offices.Australia is the finest destination to study and live as it has best standard of education. Australia has the 3rd biggest number of overseas students after US and UK. There are flexible degree programs and also industry relevant programs available.There are flexible degree programs and also short term industry relevant programs available. Australia is known for its great options that lead to undergraduate or post graduate degrees.

The education in Australia  is recognized all over the world and some  universities are ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.  The education industry is regulated by the government of Australia through CRICOS.The cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are the best livable cities in the world and provide an awesome destination for overseas students to stay in. There are nice chances to get work after the course completion. Australia is a multicultural society in the world.

The key sectors in Australia are agriculture, service, manufacturing, tourism, media, education, mining and logistics.  The overseas experience begins with the study overseas worldwide and is the biggest educational consultancy in India and has more than three hundred institutions all over the world.We provide free counseling to the students who aspire to study in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand etc. Australia has the third largest number of overseas students in the world and is behind UK and USA.

Australia has five out of 30 finest cities in the world for the students on the basis of life quality and employer activity. All vital aspects for students are taken into consideration in opting for the finest study destination.Australia has the largest number of overseas students in the world and is behind UK and USA. Australia is seven of the top 100 universities in the world. The biggest ranked university is ANU and it is ranked top 20 in the world.Australia has five of the thirty finest cities in the world for students on the basis of life quality, student mixture and employer activity. There are vital aspects for students when opting for the finest study destination.

You may ponder that Australia is not different from your home nation.  It is simpler to study abroad and you need not prepare much. Australia will not be challenging as studying abroad in a developing nation with a varied language.