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Seabird is a renowned educational consultant in Mohali which facilitates best quality educational services. We have a belief in providing 100 percent results in an efficient manner. Seabird has expertise in providing the education visa to the students in various parts of the world. We arrange admissions for reputed colleges and universities in Australia and facilitate visa filing services to the students to these nations.

Our objective

We make sure to find out that our students meet the requirements in the shortest duration of time in the finest possible manner. We assist in accomplishing our objectives. We deliver our services with integrity, value and flexibility. We pay attention to the requirements of the students and meet their anticipations to make the company successful.  You may study in Australia and make your career there.We assist our clients to adapt to a new culture overseas. We have a belief in facilitating professional services in studying overseas.  We have certified and well experienced educational counsellors. We have the best staff for visa counselling and guidance. We give the perfect choice to our students so that they can avail our service and depend on us for their requirements. The study visa Australia will enable you to get a study visa to Australia.

You can get your study visa with the help of our expert counsellors. We make your familiar with the best chance for a great career at the right time. We understand your talent and know your strengths. We assist the students make their future plans so that they opt for the right universities with the correct academic program so that they can have a great future. The candidates are our sole responsibility till they get to their destination and begin attending their classes.  The Australia study visa experts are the best in their field and give best counselling to the students.When the visa is given, we assist the students with the travel arrangements so that they have a great journey. To file a visa can be a complex procedure. We update our clients with the immigration processes with highly relevant information and this makes the process simpler. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will give you an opportunity to study overseas in Australia.

Seabird is a highly reputed organization in the industry. We give quality counselling with an objective that the students can get admission in their choicest universities. We have served the students who want to visit overseas.  Seabird International is equipped with all the modern amenities and has state of the art infrastructure.  Seabird has a great reputation among the students due to its well educated team of counsellors.  The student visa consultants in Mohali will leave no stone unturned to provide you the visa to Australia.We have student’s counsellors who have proficiency in counselling services after completing the course. We have a reliable name in the education business. We have a nice number of representations of the colleges or universities all over the world. Seabird has helped many students accomplish their objectives in developing their career. We have the best counselling service available for all the students. Our counsellors are highly competent and professional.  The study visa consultants in Chandigarh will make it possible for you to study overseas for studying purposes.

Seabird International is the best as a global education consultancy. We give guidance to the students to get to their academic heights on the basis of their merits. We have a belief in delivering best service to our clients.We have partnership with the renowned institutions and universities which provide our clients complete exposure for opting for the desired destination and the best career pathway. We facilitate on shore and off shore services for our clients. Our students have been placed in the best universities of the world.


Top Educational institutions in Australia for the Aspiring Students

A university in Australia will facilitate you with complete knowledge of the selected field with the academic skills applicable to other areas. You will learn how to think in a creative and an independent manner.

The higher education institutions and universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to Bachelor degrees and higher qualifications in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia facilitate programs from Architecture to Zoology. Now you can study in Australia in your choicest institute.The Bachelor Degree is a common qualification facilitated in Australia. There is specialized training and professional development provided through Masters and Doctoral degrees.  The institutions in Australia facilitate a wide range of degrees and courses and this makes it simpler for the overseas students to find the correct fit for them. The study visa Australia is one great opportunity which will open new avenues for you.

When you select a degree program, the overseas students who want to study in Australia have to take a decision on the school type they are keen in. The students may opt among universities and English language training. The education sectors are associated with each other. This makes it simpler for the students to get to one qualification to another. The Australia study visa experts are considered best in their field.

The universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to bachelor degrees and higher qualifications in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia facilitate the students with the scope to study in every discipline in various projects.The universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to Bachelor degrees in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia give the students the chance to study in various disciplines. The bachelor degree is a vital qualification offered in Australia. In addition to this, Master’s degree and doctoral degree programs are also there. These give the students the scope for best research training and also professional development.To study in Australia gives the non-native English speakers the chance to enhance their English daily. The students who want to study English in Australia can find a program that is correct for them and is suitable for their specific requirements, irrespective of their language proficiency level.


General English concentrates on the development of communication skills in speaking and listening.  English for academic purposes makes the students prepared to study at an English speaking university or vocational institute.English for specific purposes focuses on practical English skills for areas like tourism, aviation or business.  The students can enroll in the English language courses at any time during the year. The length of full-time courses can range from 4 weeks to 48 weeks.

The overseas students can live and work in Australia for a specific duration. The government of Australia provides facilitates temporary graduate visas to overseas student graduates who wish to work in a setting in Australia.Australia offers best attractions in a wide range of areas such as languages, cuisine and arts, events etc.  Australia has over 1100 institutions which offer 22,000 courses to the students.  Australia has a great reputation for academic excellence. Australia has the best career scopes for you.

Work and Study in Australia @SeabirdInternational

Our specialty

We have worked and lived in every continent in the world. We provide strategic planning and compliance. There are work and temporary visa applications. We provide streamlined support from home nation to the destination. Australia is a famous destination of migrants from around the world due to its friendly policies and a wide range of opportunities with respect to career growth, life quality, healthcare and education.
We have many visa options for Australia for skilled migrants. There is acute visa shortage in different sectors. Australia has the best economic opportunities for the immigrants. There is low cost of living in Australia. Australia has a great educational system. Australia has the best world class educational system.
Reasons why people want to immigrate Australia
There are several reasons why people wish to migrate to Australia for getting a good future for the families. Australia provides best scope for work and studies. It is simpler for you to know if you enjoy the beaches, green fields and mountains.
The nominated visa subclass 190 is a permanent residency visa for skilled workers whose professions are in great demand. The skilled immigration program in Australia is a permanent visa which comes under the point based system. Applicants need to exhibit that they have got a qualification and also the skills on the skilled occupation list. Seabird has student visa consultants who focus on the satisfaction of the clients and keep in mind the quality and aspects of a client. We are registered agents who do the analysis of the client’s profile.
Study in best colleges around the world
We pursue the studies in the best colleges all over the world. Seabird offers finest facilities and consultation when it is about student visa and Australian universities. We provide the finest consultation and facilities when it is about the student visa and Australian universities. The chances as a student in Australia are awesome. We assist you with enrolment, visa and guardian visa if required. The decisions for giving of a visa will be with the government of Australia.

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The international education in Australia has been made simpler now. There are many courses which enable you to study in Australia as a student. At Seabird, we facilitate the finest courses for Australian higher education. The study visa to Australia has been made easier nowadays with the help of the best visa counselors and study visa consultants.
Visa process made easierOur study counselors make the visa process simpler for you. We help in arranging the visa for you with utmost ease. The visa filing process is a complex aspect and we make this process easier for you by giving you expert advice about visa processing and filing. The visa counseling officers assist you in getting the visa for Australia.
The international education in Australia is full of fun and very challenging. One can enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches. The Australians have a laid back lifestyle and are carefree people. In case you want to welcome new overseas students to your school in Australia, we can make it occur fast with our overseas educational consultancy. 

We can do the custom designing the best solution to meet your college’s overseas education goals. This may include developing and starting your college’s overseas program. Overseas education can be a highly rewarding experience for all. We give you immense exposure to new college in Australia and globally. You can have nice chances for your students and staff.

Cost effective option for colleges

We facilitate a cost effective option for colleges which welcome new overseas students. We can consult on an ongoing basis to develop your overseas department from the ground up. To make sure that the students relate to academic resources, there is Australian style of language and culture.