Study Overseas in Australia

Study overseas deals with a broad range of universities in Australia, colleges and institutes. We facilitate service from the choice of the course till the visa process in our office. You will get a chance to meet the university officials who give you the best options of courses at our local offices.Australia is the finest destination to study and live as it has best standard of education. Australia has the 3rd biggest number of overseas students after US and UK. There are flexible degree programs and also industry relevant programs available.There are flexible degree programs and also short term industry relevant programs available. Australia is known for its great options that lead to undergraduate or post graduate degrees.

The education in Australia  is recognized all over the world and some  universities are ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.  The education industry is regulated by the government of Australia through CRICOS.The cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are the best livable cities in the world and provide an awesome destination for overseas students to stay in. There are nice chances to get work after the course completion. Australia is a multicultural society in the world.

The key sectors in Australia are agriculture, service, manufacturing, tourism, media, education, mining and logistics.  The overseas experience begins with the study overseas worldwide and is the biggest educational consultancy in India and has more than three hundred institutions all over the world.We provide free counseling to the students who aspire to study in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand etc. Australia has the third largest number of overseas students in the world and is behind UK and USA.

Australia has five out of 30 finest cities in the world for the students on the basis of life quality and employer activity. All vital aspects for students are taken into consideration in opting for the finest study destination.Australia has the largest number of overseas students in the world and is behind UK and USA. Australia is seven of the top 100 universities in the world. The biggest ranked university is ANU and it is ranked top 20 in the world.Australia has five of the thirty finest cities in the world for students on the basis of life quality, student mixture and employer activity. There are vital aspects for students when opting for the finest study destination.

You may ponder that Australia is not different from your home nation.  It is simpler to study abroad and you need not prepare much. Australia will not be challenging as studying abroad in a developing nation with a varied language.


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The process of lodging application for visa is not that easy. To take care of your immigration process we assign our experienced professionals as they give you complete guidance to lodge an application and get the best result.

The basic objective of our exerts at Seabird is to use their experience, skills and technological resources to lessen anxiety and give peace of mind while you and your organization takes charge of vital matters of concern. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will suit you ideally.

Seabird gives special expertise, services and counseling with great standard of work ethics. Our main focus defines long lasting client relationships. The best immigration company in Chandigarh paves the path for your immigration success.Seabird is the finest overseas education visa consultants in North India which covers Chandigarh, Haryana, and Mohali etc. We have placed students all over the world. Seabird facilitates the finest study abroad visa solutions to all the students who wish to study abroad in Canada, Australia, UK, USA  and France. The best immigration company in Chandigarh facilitates

student visa, study abroad counseling and other solutions related to your future. Seabird facilitates the finest visa solutions to the students who wish to study abroad in Canada.


Australia is a renowned leader in education. This is the reason why students from over the world to study there. You may study in Australia and discover new things.

There are more than 22000 courses in 1100 institutions and a large number of study options available. 7 out of 100 universities in the world are in Australia. Their university system ranks eighth in the world. Australia is a nation that facilitates world class education. The study in Australia visa will empower you to study in Australia.

The education quality is important and another thing is the life of the student. Australia is home to the best student cities in the world. Australia is a welcoming nation. This contributes to 260 languages spoken in homes across Australia.


How to go Australia for Study !

Australia is the most diverse and awesome nation on the earth. It has got an exceptional flora and amazing coastlines. It is a popular landmark in the world.  It attracts more than five million visitors each year. Its universities are placed high in the world rankings are have a wonderful reputation for research.

In case you plan study in Australia, there are more than 500,000 overseas students from around the world. We require advice for your study path. We have made a complete checklist to assist you to recognize the milestones and plan for your studies in Australia. We will show you the path how to go to Australia for study purposes.

You can begin researching programs and universities in Australia. You can check with your university and your destination. It is not easy to compare the rewards and one can gain from studying abroad. The experience can alter your viewpoint from local to worldwide. The Australia study visa experts will make it possible for you to get a visa to Australia.

The biggest hindrance that is caused to the student is to take a decision not to study abroad. The global students who decide to study abroad and use the services of an education agent are very much surprised about how simple it is to organize and how reasonable it can be.

The global students can decide to study abroad and use the services of an education agent are surprised that it is easy to organize and it is very reasonable. This information is very useful and it will give some nice tips for global students to study abroad. It is suggested that the students see an education agent to make sure they get up to date advice suited to their requirements. Now you can apply study visa for Australia.

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How to go Australia for Study

If you wish to study in Australia, you have to get a student visa to Australia. You need to prove to the Department of home affairs when you meet the student requirements in Australia.The visa applicant has to exhibit a real intention to stay in Australia for study purposes. You will be asked to attend an interview at the Australian embassy or consulate. The applicants need to fill a visa application form.

All the overseas students need to apply for the same visa or the subclass 500 which you need to apply online. You need to get a confirmation of enrolment or offer letter prior to applying for a visa. The CoE will be in form of an online code which you have to enter in the online visa application.

When you complete your online visa application, you have to give proof of your financial requirements, English proficiency requirements, health requirements, character requirements etc.You need to show proof of funds which cover, travel, tuition and living expenses. In case you are not from an English speaking nation, you need to prove that you speak English to the required level.

The score you require will rely on if you wish to start a full degree or do a foundation course. You need to have a criminal record check to ensure you do not have a criminal record. You have to get a police clearance certificate or get a police statement.Many visa applications take at least 4 weeks to process. You can get into Australia on your student visa up to 90 days prior to the start of the course.  You need to inform the education provider of your resident address and inform them in 7 days.

You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the term time and full time in the holidays. The visa is issue with permission to work. You need to bear in mind that any work needed as part of the course is not there in the limit. You have to fulfill the obligations for a student visa.