Best International Education in Australia

Australia has immense excellence for giving overseas education but has nice opportunities to form a worldwide network. The educational institute of Australia have met the requirement of the students by concentrating on practical learning and a complete understanding of various topics. You can study in Australia and get a flying career.Australia is excellent in facilitating overseas education and immense scope. Australia is globally recognized for providing the finest practice in vocational and education training as the person is evaluated on her or her procurement of competencies and some focus is provided in development of skills which have relevance to the field of highly skilled expertise.  A study visa Australia will give you the chance to study in Australia and also do part time work.

This give several benefits to overseas students as they find the finest course and institution which suit their requirements without wasting time in knowing various qualification titles. To be an overseas student, one has to opt to study at an institution registered with CRICOS or Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for overseas students.  The Australia study visa experts are considered the finest visa experts for Australia.4 - Copy.jpg

Australia is the preferred study overseas destination among the overseas students. The nation has many students each year due to its best educational system and laid back nature and best living standards. The students in India consider it as a nice opportunity as they get the finest courses in Australia. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will help you immigrate to Australia.

The students get the course in accordance to their interest, aim and career goals. Australia has many specializations facilitated by the best universities in Australia.  Australia has best standards of teaching, advanced facilities and has the best student exposure. Australia has a worthy lifestyle and it is a great option for the overseas students to study in Australia. After the completion of studies in Australia, the students can get a job with utmost ease due the great reputation for education system in Australia around the world.  The student visa consultants in Mohali can make an outstanding career for you.Australia has world class education and it has a sparse population with some universities. It has 8 out of top 100 universities in the world. The universities in Australia are in the world wide rankings like QS World University rankings, Times Higher Education rankings etc.  Australia is the 3rd famous study destination for overseas students in the world. The study visa consultants in Chandigarh will help you get to Australia and study there while having fun.

Australia has enormous diversity in various course options. It has 22,000 best quality courses and programmes on offer and 1100 institutions. To study in Australia is the best option for you if you wish to get taught by the best professors or teachers.

Australia has university recognized degrees and employers around the world. There are 2.5 million overseas students around the world who have studied in Australia. Australia gives post-study work visa to the overseas students after they have finished Master’s, Bachelor’s or doctoral degrees. The highly successful applicants are given a visa for duration of two to four years and this depends on the highest educational qualification they have procured.

Working part time

One can work part time while studying. The overseas students are allowed to work for 20 hours or 40 hours per fortnight per week during semesters and full time during university holidays. The least wage in Australia is AU$18 per hour. To study in Australia enables many international student find work in various arenas like retail and hospitality. These jobs have flexible working hours.

Make The Best out of the Study visa Australia

The overseas students are keen to study in Australia and have to apply for admission to an institution prior to applying for a student visa. There are many steps that are involved in this process. These include opting for the preferred institution and course, submission of application to the institution and accepting an offer letter. You will get an electronic confirmation of enrolment or eCoE.10.jpg

Visa process and admission

Seabird International supports the students with respect to education in Australia and check for the requirements for the entry purpose. When the students get registered and submit all the important documents, Seabird International applies for the offer letter from the education provider. In case the students have an English test score, one can apply for an unconditional offer letter. You can study in Australia and make your career in Australia.

You may meet the eligibility criteria for the institution and visa application in case you have English language proficiency certificates like IELTS or PTE. You need to meet the health and character requirements and acceptable overseas student health cover or OSHC. You need to have ample proof of funds and academic certificates. The study visa Australia helps you reach Australia for studying purposes.

The colleges and universities in Australia can accept IELTS and PTE scores as evidence of proficiency in English language. There are some guidelines for IELTS or PTE score and each and every university has a specific sore for their courses. The Australia study visa experts will make your enhance your career in Australia by giving you choice of the best colleges and universities in Australia.

The overseas students studying overseas in Australia would want to work during their time spend studying in the nation. It is pivotal to know the rules and regulate the rules under their student visa when it is about work.

Rules for international students

A work week in Australia is from Monday to Sunday. The students have to reach Australia 90 days prior to the start of their course. The students are not allowed to start working till their courses have started.  The best immigration company in Chandigarh will allow you to make your career in Australia.

The overseas students who want to study in Australia have to be accepted into an educational institute in Australia prior to the application of a student visa. Students have to give an enrolment confirmation given by an educational institution in Australia. This is evidence that the student is staying in Australia for the purpose of education. The student visa consultants in Mohali will make sure you get the study visa to Australia.It is suggested that the students apply for a visa at the start of their stay in Australia and it may take time to process a visa application. Students have to pursue a study program which has been approved by the government of Australia. The study visa consultants in Chandigarh have specialized study abroad courses for you.Students need to satisfy the requirements of the study program in which they are enrolled. Students have to get attendance in their course for each study period. Students have to get Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC. To work during your stay in Australia is a nice means for overseas students to enhance their finances. It is pivotal to know the limitations placed on you as an overseas student.

Seabird International

Seabird is a renowned immigration consultancy for visa and immigration services. Seabird International has many happy clients in Punjab. We have highly certified counsellors who give guidance to the students.  Our competency lies in visa documentation and permanent residency. To study in Australia is a dream for all the students.  Our main competency lies in visa documentation and permanent residency. Seabird has been serving the immigration industry for many years. We make sure there is client satisfaction at each step. Our main aim is to develop relations with our clients and have a long term relationship. The study visa Australia will allow you to study at a reputed college or university in Australia.9.jpg

Our vision is to see Seabird International at greater heights in the immigration industry and make best efforts to pursue the dreams of the clients so that they get to their destination of their liking. Seabird International offers responsive course programs which can open entryways for skilled and talented persons who have the energy to achieve their goals. The candidates can make a prosperous career overseas and earn money and fame. The Australia study visa experts are the best in their field as they give you several options to study in Australia.

Seabird has the state of the art infrastructure and best quality instruction. Students need the best experts to give them guidance. We have many years of experience in the field which gives us an edge over our competitors. We are the leaders in the immigration industry. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will help you immigrate to Australia and pave the path for your success.Seabird is a renowned immigration consultant which has expertise in study visa and permanent residency for skilled workers.  Seabird has a great deal of experience in areas where the applicant may get permanent residence in Canada and Australia. The student visa consultants in Mohali assure that you get the study visa to Australia and get educated in the best universities and colleges.

Seabird is a reputed study overseas immigration consultancy company located in Mohali. We give knowledge and guidance to the clients who want to study and live overseas. Seabird has a team of experts who have immense experience in the field. The main objective of Seabird International is to assist the study abroad aspirants to know their dreams in an effective way. Our main objective is to be a leader in providing solutions to clients who want to go overseas.  The study visa consultants in Chandigarh will make sure that the visa to Australia is guaranteed and you get the best education overseas.We go an additional mile to give our clients the best experience from counselling, course selection and lodging of the visa application. We take care of each and every aspect so that the chances of visa success can be enhanced. We have a belief in facilitating our clients the value of their money and keep the budget needs in mind.

We give our clients information such as living expenses and other costs related to study overseas. The professionals in Seabird International act in a highly professional way and maintain the best industry standards and make finest efforts to exhibit your case. We do not believe in making wrong promises to the clients.Seabird acts as a bridge between the colleges and universities and the aspiring students. Seabird has got complete guidance and knowledge in the immigration field. We play a pivotal role in giving the clients complete knowledge and guidance they want to settle, study or live overseas.

Get the Best Advice from the Study visa consultants in Chandigarh

Seabird is a renowned educational consultant in Mohali which facilitates best quality educational services. We have a belief in providing 100 percent results in an efficient manner. Seabird has expertise in providing the education visa to the students in various parts of the world. We arrange admissions for reputed colleges and universities in Australia and facilitate visa filing services to the students to these nations.

Our objective

We make sure to find out that our students meet the requirements in the shortest duration of time in the finest possible manner. We assist in accomplishing our objectives. We deliver our services with integrity, value and flexibility. We pay attention to the requirements of the students and meet their anticipations to make the company successful.  You may study in Australia and make your career there.We assist our clients to adapt to a new culture overseas. We have a belief in facilitating professional services in studying overseas.  We have certified and well experienced educational counsellors. We have the best staff for visa counselling and guidance. We give the perfect choice to our students so that they can avail our service and depend on us for their requirements. The study visa Australia will enable you to get a study visa to Australia.

You can get your study visa with the help of our expert counsellors. We make your familiar with the best chance for a great career at the right time. We understand your talent and know your strengths. We assist the students make their future plans so that they opt for the right universities with the correct academic program so that they can have a great future. The candidates are our sole responsibility till they get to their destination and begin attending their classes.  The Australia study visa experts are the best in their field and give best counselling to the students.When the visa is given, we assist the students with the travel arrangements so that they have a great journey. To file a visa can be a complex procedure. We update our clients with the immigration processes with highly relevant information and this makes the process simpler. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will give you an opportunity to study overseas in Australia.

Seabird is a highly reputed organization in the industry. We give quality counselling with an objective that the students can get admission in their choicest universities. We have served the students who want to visit overseas.  Seabird International is equipped with all the modern amenities and has state of the art infrastructure.  Seabird has a great reputation among the students due to its well educated team of counsellors.  The student visa consultants in Mohali will leave no stone unturned to provide you the visa to Australia.We have student’s counsellors who have proficiency in counselling services after completing the course. We have a reliable name in the education business. We have a nice number of representations of the colleges or universities all over the world. Seabird has helped many students accomplish their objectives in developing their career. We have the best counselling service available for all the students. Our counsellors are highly competent and professional.  The study visa consultants in Chandigarh will make it possible for you to study overseas for studying purposes.

Seabird International is the best as a global education consultancy. We give guidance to the students to get to their academic heights on the basis of their merits. We have a belief in delivering best service to our clients.We have partnership with the renowned institutions and universities which provide our clients complete exposure for opting for the desired destination and the best career pathway. We facilitate on shore and off shore services for our clients. Our students have been placed in the best universities of the world.


Top Educational institutions in Australia for the Aspiring Students

A university in Australia will facilitate you with complete knowledge of the selected field with the academic skills applicable to other areas. You will learn how to think in a creative and an independent manner.

The higher education institutions and universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to Bachelor degrees and higher qualifications in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia facilitate programs from Architecture to Zoology. Now you can study in Australia in your choicest institute.The Bachelor Degree is a common qualification facilitated in Australia. There is specialized training and professional development provided through Masters and Doctoral degrees.  The institutions in Australia facilitate a wide range of degrees and courses and this makes it simpler for the overseas students to find the correct fit for them. The study visa Australia is one great opportunity which will open new avenues for you.

When you select a degree program, the overseas students who want to study in Australia have to take a decision on the school type they are keen in. The students may opt among universities and English language training. The education sectors are associated with each other. This makes it simpler for the students to get to one qualification to another. The Australia study visa experts are considered best in their field.

The universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to bachelor degrees and higher qualifications in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia facilitate the students with the scope to study in every discipline in various projects.The universities in Australia facilitate programs which lead to Bachelor degrees in a wide range of fields. The universities in Australia give the students the chance to study in various disciplines. The bachelor degree is a vital qualification offered in Australia. In addition to this, Master’s degree and doctoral degree programs are also there. These give the students the scope for best research training and also professional development.To study in Australia gives the non-native English speakers the chance to enhance their English daily. The students who want to study English in Australia can find a program that is correct for them and is suitable for their specific requirements, irrespective of their language proficiency level.


General English concentrates on the development of communication skills in speaking and listening.  English for academic purposes makes the students prepared to study at an English speaking university or vocational institute.English for specific purposes focuses on practical English skills for areas like tourism, aviation or business.  The students can enroll in the English language courses at any time during the year. The length of full-time courses can range from 4 weeks to 48 weeks.

The overseas students can live and work in Australia for a specific duration. The government of Australia provides facilitates temporary graduate visas to overseas student graduates who wish to work in a setting in Australia.Australia offers best attractions in a wide range of areas such as languages, cuisine and arts, events etc.  Australia has over 1100 institutions which offer 22,000 courses to the students.  Australia has a great reputation for academic excellence. Australia has the best career scopes for you.

The Ultimate Guide To study visa australia

One needs a student visa to visit overseas to a nation of your liking to pursue further studies. There are many student visa consultants in Chandigarh. It is a vital decision to apply for a student visa with the help of a renowned consultant who has a great deal of experience and a nice success rate for the visa. The student visa consultants in Chandigarh can assist you accomplish your dreams of studying overseas.
The well experienced staff at Seabird can assist you in each and every step of getting a student visa for your dream nation. Seabird gives you counselling and complete guidance. They take care of the whole process and make you take the correct decision of getting an offer letter and prepare yourself for the interview in order to get a study visa.

A reputed student visa consultant in Mohali will give you top class counselling for study visa and permanent residence all over the world. We have our hold in the immigration arena and provide a transparent service to our clients. We are recognized as the best study visa consultants and we have the best and we offer transparent services to our clients.We thank our clients for placing confidence and trust in us for giving us guidance and helping them in their life changing decision. We take an opportunity to appreciate all the stakeholders for their cooperation which assisted us to get importance in the industry.

Mixed race college student working on laptop at campus

The study visa experts are a team of well qualified advisers who provide complete knowledge of the processing system. We have a belief in ethics and this has earned a worldwide reputation in the immigration profession. It has made us to be one of the renowned companies in the industry. Our immigration consultants adopt a highly expert approach which makes sure there is a problem free service.We assist our clients with each phase of the process by providing best guidance and counselling. We give the finest solutions to the aspirants and make sure there is complete transparency by not hiding any relevant information from the client. We assist the students to make their future and they need to choose the appropriate universities with the correct academic programs so as to have a great future.

Seabird is a reputed educational company in Mohali and Punjab region. It is a reliable name in the educational business for its help to the aspiring students for study overseas program. It is a reputed overseas education promoting institution. It has honed many students to accomplish their objectives of developing their career.We give the aspiring students complete information to assist them to prevent any misunderstandings. This assists in getting a nice response from all levels of students. Seabird has all the modern amenities and has a great reputation among the students. Seabird has a great, educated team of counselors. We provide the best career counselling services after the course completion. Seabird is run by a highly experienced staff of professionals.

Seabird has helped many students accomplish their objectives to develop their career. We have been in business for many years. The best immigration company in Chandigarh will shape up your future career.

Australia Study Visa Experts

To be a student opens a broad range of chances for you to do the exploration of the education aspects in various nations of the world for you to explore. You need to opt for the nation you wish to go to or the university you wish to be in and the course you wish to continue.Several nations to study are UK, US, Australia, Canada etc. The entire process is for a longer duration and it will make you take fast decisions. The time duration taken for the visa application and making travel arrangements cannot be altered. You have to prepare the documents and be guided through this process. You may get tips from our team of professional advisers.

There is guidance on procuring the document as it varies from one nation to other. You require the approval from a university according to the requirements of the nation. You are required to have ample funds according to the requirement. You need to have a valid reason for pursuing further studies to a particular nation.

Australia has world class education

Australia is a nice place to live and you can get the best world class education there. The education institutions Australia has designers, scientists, educators, artists etc who have altered the world and won awards from Oscars to Nobel prizes.You will get a qualification which is recognized all over the world. The Australian Qualifications Framework enables students to move through the education system all over the world to recognize the qualification.By opting to study in Australia, you will be joining many students from Australia and around the world. You will work in close association with the instructor, classmates and other faculty. You can get practical training in the industry in which you are studying. The focus on the industry will give you a leading edge for your further studies and career.

Australia Study visa Experts


Student visas are temporary visas which enable he students to study at an educational institution for certain time duration. The student visa application process differs for each nation. To apply for a student visa Australia you need to have a confirmed offer from a registered college or university.

There is proof of funds to support your living costs. The student visas are given for applicants who want to study overseas. The evaluation is on the basis of the documents submitted and also the visa interviews. Visa is facilitated for the course duration. When you have got an offer from the University and have decided how to fund your studies overseas, you may apply for the study abroad Australia visa from the consulate.The first and foremost aspect is to get a visa prior to the commencement of the program. There are less chances of rejection of the visa. Our education experts Australia are the best and give expert help through this complex process of documentation of the visa and interview.

Easiest Way to Get Visa for Australia

There are various programmes of study which you may apply for a subclass 500 student visa.  An application for a student visa to Australia can be made after you get Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE from your selected university.

To apply for a student visa Australia, there is no age limit. The visa application fee is AU$575. That has to be paid on application submission. Your student visa will be there for the entire duration of your study programme. It will give you time to be in Australia at the course end. This time may vary from one to three months and this depends on the course length.

The visa processing times differ and you have to allow up to 4 weeks. You may arrive in Australia on your student visa for 90 days prior to the start of your course. You may work for 40 hours a fortnight during full time in the holidays.You need to be enrolled in a course which is registered on CRICOS. The cost of Australian study visa depends on the subclass visa 500 applicable out of Australia. One should take assistance from a professional who can take care of the application and important documents.

At Seabird International, we can assist you to get help from study visa Australia by dealing with the problems in a successful manner. We have immense experience to deal with the Australia Student Visa or subclass 500. We can assist you with the student visa cost and Australia student visa process.At Seabird, we can get your student visa Australia to satisfy your dreams. We can assist you to plan your career by opting for the University of your liking. The student visa is in great demand due to rising popularity as Australia is the finest destination for the students.

We can assist you get all the important financial resources and keep the documents safe during the visa application process. Seabird can be your trustworthy consultant and handle the process of immigration to Australia for you anytime. We provide you with immigration to Australia by providing different types of Australia visa services.We have intense expertise in this field. We have many years of experience in immigration to Australia. We take immense pride in making the clients contented. At Seabird International, we have the knowledge and passion to meet your immigration requirements. At Seabird, we can assist you with your application for student visa Australia or sub class 500. The skilled migration visa process includes two to three steps and this depends on the chosen subclass. The processing time for Australia skilled migration visa application differs and depends on many variables such as visa subclass, nation of passport etc.

Australia welcomes students around the world by granting student visa to Australia to get into the nation and join the universities and educational institutions for world class education. The grant period of Australian student visa or subclass 500 relies on the course duration which is for five years.

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Best 14 Tips For studying in Australia

There are some nice tips to study in Australia. Australia has the best chances to study for the aspiring students. Education in Australia is highly rewarding, fun filled and very challenging. It is filled with opportunities for the ambitious students.

The Australian international market has immense opportunities for the students. Australia is the finest destination for the overseas students. Australia has an awesome weather. You will require a visa to study in Australia and the procedure for applying it is extremely simple.

Health insurance

For this you have to do extensive research. Health insurance is of great significance in case one choose a study overseas program. You need health insurance in Australia in case you want to study with a university.

Choose your place of study

Many places are there in Australia where one wishes to study. One may opt for rural or city. You can opt for the best universities in Australia for your education.

Australian grading system is varied

The universities in Australia have a proper grading system like High distinction, Distinction, credit, pass, fail. These are considered the finest grading systems for Australian universities.

Work while studying in Australia

The Australian study visa will enable you to work for specific amount of hours. The wages in Australia are good so it’s worth working there. It is a fantastic means to meet new people in the city. One gets a chance to study for 40 hours per fortnight in Australia. Overseas students can take immense benefit of this. The part time jobs for students in Australia are highly rewarding.

Bank account opening

It will be nice to open a bank account in Australia. Australian banks have a nice interest rate. This proves to be beneficial if you do the part time work.

Be aware when to apply

The students need to apply for the universities in Australia and get accepted by the Australian university. The universities in Australia have academic years divided into 2 semesters. These include 4 months each.

 Student visa requirements

If you study academically for over 3 months, it may be done on a student visa. This is simple to get after you get acceptance from the course. It actually relies on the nation you choose.

Get options for where to study

One of the biggest nations in the world is Australia. You need to study in a wide range of environments in Australia. You may opt to attend a college or a university in Australia to study.

Simple paperwork in Australia

One can begin to prepare for the visa application in Australia after you get acceptance from a course or university in Australia.

Financial support alternatives

There are the finest best ranking universities in Australia for education in Australia and they have a high price. There are other costs involved like food, healthcare, housing etc. You may apply for an overseas scholarship or a loan which has been designed for the global students.

Issues in studying

To come from a varied student culture can prove to be a great challenge. You are required to make adjustment to a blend of practical and also theory classes. Australia has a different culture of taking down study notes and also study guides to make the new students get adapted to the studying environment.

Culture of Australia

Australia is a great multicultural nation. Australia has nice weather and it is a multicultural nation. It has people with varied interests and backgrounds.

Public transport

You can get the best public transport in Australia when you come for study purposes. There are concessional fares for the students in Australia and you may avail the concession for bus, train fares.

Health aspects

The residents in Australia can get the finest medical care. You need to opt for a package that is appropriate for you.


Seabird has immense experience in meeting with the customers to give quality services. Seabird offers a wide range of service to its clients.

Vision and Mission of Seabird

Seabird’s main vision is to help in promotion of quality education among the Indian students who wish to study overseas to have a competitive edge to their career in the global world. A huge growth in India has opened several employment scopes in different industries. There has been immense growth in fields such as retail, IT, banking, telecom, infrastructure, hotel industry etc.

Nowadays people know the value of overseas education. Our main mission is to make the students equipped with the finest details regarding courses and institutions suitable for their career goals. Seabird helps the students in visa processing so that they pass the complex visa processes to get visa and continue their studies at the preferred destinations.

Expert visa services

We have the finest team of visa consultants who are nicely trained and devoted professionals who give you the precise services. Seabird has comprehensive services suited to your budget and requirements. Our services have an objective to give you the best advice and information to assist in avoiding the costs till you get confident that your visa application has a great chance of success.

We are professionals who have a proven track record of infinite successes, innovations, optimism etc. You may believe in us to get the job done. We focus on the students immensely. We are a renowned firm in the immigration consultancy business. We assist our clients with the requirements and interviews so that they meet their immigration requirements.

Australia is a worldwide education powerhouse

Australia is a worldwide education powerhouse with splendid long term scope. The facilities, infrastructure, teaching and networking experience in Australia are the finest.  Australia is the most famous destination for the global students.

Best teaching and research facilities

The facilities, infrastructure, teaching and networking experience in Australia are the best. That is why studying in Australia has become immensely popular. The government of Australia has been involved in developing good educational system driven by extensive research in order to address the future challenges. There are a wide range of courses offered by universities in Australia.

There are seven out of top 100 universities in the world which are in Australia. The students wish to study in Australia to pursue their dreams. Australia has third highest number of overseas students in the world.  Australia has five of the thirty finest cities in the world for the students on basis of life quality, student mix etc. We have more than 22000 courses and 1100 institutions and several study options available to study in Australia.

Australia is renowned for its reputation

We have a great variety and quantity. Australia is renowned in providing quality education. The university system of Australia ranks 8th in the world. The Australian education system is world class. The education quality is pivotal. Australia is home to 6 of the 40 finest student cities in the world. The nation and its government may make some investments into overseas education.Australia is a diverse and a welcoming nation.  The nation has got a great economy. The nation boasts of its economy. There has been a great growth. The nation has got different environments.  There are over 500 national parks and more than 2700 conservation areas.

You have to be enrolled in a course registered under CRICOS. You need to have proper attendance on your course as needed by your education provider.  You must have good academic progress for each study period. You have to advise your education provider regarding your home address.You are required to have proper health insurance all through your time in Australia. This may be done by getting the OSHC. Your nationality and your Australian university will ascertain the documents you are required to show for your visa application. Australia is a welcoming and a diverse nation.The nation has a great economy. It has a nice growth. The nation has a varied environment.  The education cost depends on the duration of the studies. The English language courses are available $300 a week. In case you wish to cover your costs by working in Australia while you study, check with the appropriate government office.

The visa you will get will rely on your nationality, age and purpose of visit. You have to get a student visa in case your main objective is to study. Most of the nation speaks in English. English is the main national language.Perth gives access to many natural beauties. It has a world renowned world class wine industry. Perth is ranked as ninth most livable city in the world. Canberra is the 37th finest student city. Adelaide is next in the list of 38th biggest city.Australia is a worldwide education powerhouse with long term scope. The facilities, infrastructure and networking experience in Australia is the best in the world. This is the reason why Australia is a popular nation for studying purposes. The government of Australia has been involved in developing a global education system driven by research to meet the future challenges. There are a wide range of courses available in Australia which makes it a famous destination for overseas students.